– Weekly Round Up #13 –

Its been a while since I posted a weekly round-up post, what with everything thats gone on, but I am back and raring to tell you all about my {boring} week!

Sunday we went to my sisters for lunch. Mr B was quite relived as he could work on the bathroom in peace! Moo has missed her cousin J so much recently and the only time we really all get together is in school holidays, so it was nice to pop over and let them play. Once home, Mr B had to make another trip out to the DIY store and stock up on bits. I returned to a toilet fitted and the sink just about! Was a tad excited!!

Back to normal on Monday. Moo and H were packed off at school and I came home and caught up on all the washing. I rewarded myself with some catch up TV in the afternoon! I had to take Moo swimming after school.. She is doing so well and even managed to jump in {still holding the teachers hand – small steps and all!}

Tuesday I was feeling a little ill.. Ever since the operation Ive not felt 100% and I can’t put my finger on it. I didn’t really do much all day. Pottered around the house. Moo and H came out of school rather chirpy and Moo really enjoys telling me what she got up too throughout the day. H is still at the “i don’t know stage”

I really wasn’t feeling great on Wednesday, so after a dash to Sainsbury’s to do some shopping I came home and had a light lunch and took myself of to bed. I slept till I had to do the school run! I felt 10 times better when I woke! My mum and her husband came over for dinner. Unfortunately he has not been well and instead of coming over Monday we swapped the days. Was nice to catch up. Me and Mr B settled down to watch the Bake Off Finale..

Thursday I made a mad dash to the supermarket after the school run. I was eager to get back home and watch the final Dr Foster! Once I was home I sat down with a cuppa snd indulged in it. I have loved this series and the final didn’t disappoint! Once back from the school run, Me, Moo and H sat down and did some reading. H is still recognising words via the pictures, but Moo amazes me!

Was a strange day Friday. I dropped Moo and H off at school and I went home. Did some housework and before I knew it I was back at the church watching the Harvest festival. Moo and H walked {with chaperones} down to he church and did their harvest display. H got a bit teary and Moo was just so cute! We walked back and was able to take the children once they returned. Was such a lolly afternoon. An easy peasy tea for the children and a takeaway curry for mummy and daddy once they were in bed.

Saturday we slobbed, all day.. Mr B continued with the bathroom and me and the kids did nothing {I did get the washing done!}


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