– Weekly Round-Up #12 –

Its been a full on week here in the mummyheartsyou household. Starting school and copious amounts of trips to the in-laws for baths has left me shattered this weekend! But without too much waffling this is what we have been up to this week!

Sunday was a quiet day. Mr B continued with the bathroom and even started tiling! Its so exciting and I am so eager to get it all completed! We had to pop to the in-laws for a bath as we still don’t have ours connected. I cannot wait to not have to “borrow” someone else’s shower! We got home and it was just nice to chill and enjoy the evening.

It was back to school on Monday and it was an exciting day! H was starting reception and he was full of beans! I made sure Moo was settled and waved her in and then I walked H round to his class. I got so upset and his little face when I left was pretty traumatic! Luckily he was only in school for 3 hours so I wasn’t on my own too long! When I picked him up, he ran into my arms and gave me the biggest cuddle. Once I picked Moo up we were back to our normal Monday evening routine of swimming. My mum and her partner were round for dinner so it eased me in gently as they looked after H for me!

Tuesday was not fun dropping H off. He seemed more unsettled and wouldn’t let me go. I may have come home and had a little cry. He was still half day, and those 3 hours flew by. I did manage to do some cleaning in peace! I picked Moo up and we went straight to the in-laws for another bath and shower. It was pretty hectic and by the time I got home both Moo and H were filled up with sweets and crisps and wouldn’t eat their dinner. Mr B was working late so an early night was in order!

H was in all day on Wednesday and he went into school really well. Mr B came along for the ride and I thought H would play up but he walked into the classroom without a backwards glance! We got home and Mr B continued with the tiling. I had a hospital appointment so left him to it. It over ran by 45 minutes and I was starting to get stressed as I overheard a couple talking about skin cancer and how it had deteriorated within the 5 years, me being me panicked and by the time I went in to see the plastic surgeon I was a nervous wreck! Mr B took me to the cafe and we indulged in a fry up for lunch! Moo and H came out of school with tales of what they had done. Moo looked after H by the sounds of it!

Thursday we were back to had days with H and it was starting to tire me out going back and forth all the time! I popped over to see my sister straight from dropping Moo and H off. On route home I picked up H. I dropped him off home and I went straight back out to do the weekly shop. Mr B was still working away in the bathroom, but I left H with him as I get it done so much quicker! I went and picked Moo up and again went straight to the in-laws for the last shower and bath. We got back home and my lovely neighbour had dropped some flowers of too me for looking after her driveway!

Last school run of the week! Friday we all woke tired and a little grumpy. The week seemed to have dragged a little and with lots of running around I was pleased it was the end of the week! Mr B managed to complete all the tiling around the bath and all though it was still not complete he let me have a bath! It was so nice! Its been well over 12 months since I relaxed in a bath-tub and even though the bathroom was still a dump and looks like a building site It was the best bath I have had! My other neighbour bought round some Prosseco and biscuits as a thank you for sorting their cooker out too! I have good neighbours!

Saturday I was a little grumpy. I have not been sleeping well the past month or so and I think its all caught up on me. I took the children to the local fire station fun day and I was not myself. It was a really good afternoon out but I was a bit snappy and felt pretty guilty later on in the day. We did see an emergency despatch which was actually really quite fun! We saw all the fire-men running around getting all their gear on and jumping into the engine. H was amazed and has not stopped talking about it! He was even brave enough to hold the fire hose and put out a pretend fire! Moo was grumpy {like her mummy} Once she went on the bouncy castle she soon became her happy self again!


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