– Weekly Round-Up #10 –

Its been a busy week this week, trying to fit in lots of visits out and making the most of the glorious sunshine!

Lots has happened this week, so without to much waffling…

Sunday saw us visit Mr B’s sister. It would normally be the day we go to his parents but it was a change in venue. It was a really lovely day. Burgers and homemade wedges for lunch, which was really yummy. We spent all day there and by the time we left to come home, with Moo and H were feeling rather tired. We arrived home and we all went upstairs to tidy the bedrooms. It was long over due and needed doing desperately. I spent 4 hours building all the lego which had managed to find its way into the spares box!

Moo had a friend over on Monday and it was really lovely to spend some time chatting away to her mum. Both girls {and siblings} played lovely together and there were some tears from Moo when they left! I spent the afternoon tidying up and repairing lego. Mr B arrived home and we chilled on the sofa for the rest of the day.

Tuesday was dentist day! Now I am not scared of the dentist but its not something I enjoy. Unfortunately I managed to crack a tooth so I need to go back for a repair. But Moo and H have perfect teeth apparently! We came home and had lunch. The Mr pottered round the house while the children played together. Was a lovely afternoon.

I had to wait in for a delivery on Wednesday. Thankfully they sent a text with an hour slot so I took Moo and H to the park in the morning. It was a really lovely day. The park was so quiet and for the majority of the time we were there we were alone. I had to go an pick up my prescription on the way home. The delivery arrived bang on time and Moo was rather impressed with it, considering it was for her! A nice new pair of school shoes!

Thursday I popped round to see my sister for lunch. Was really tired and could of had a little snooze whilst I was there {It felt like I could!} We left in time for dinner. I was going to go and do the food shop once Mr B got home, but he was running a little late so we had dinner and I left soon after leaving Mr B to do the bedtime routine.

I met with a friend on Friday. We took the children to a soft play. I thought it was going to be really busy, but it really wasn’t. It was a really lovely day and we spent our time floating from the inside area to the outside. Unfortunately I was stung by a bee! It hurt!! I had to get my friend to pull the sting out as the little blighter left it in my arm. It was not at all attractive! After my bravery I told Mr B and managed to twist his arm into treating me to a curry for dinner!

Saturday was the warmest day of the week, peaking at 30° We decided to change out plans and make the most of it and take the children to a splash park in Maldon. It was so good and it was really lovely to cool of in the water. We had lunch and then played in the park. Copious amounts of ice-cream was needed! We got home late afternoon and collapsed on the sofa in a sweaty heap. It was hot!


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