The School Diaries #1

I wish I had started this a few years ago. I really should of done when Moo started school but I didn’t think about it then, so I am going to start now.

Once a month I am going to post a little update on how Moo and H are doing at school. I think its nice to look back on and see how they have progressed over the year.

So here is my first School Diary

Moo has now been at school for two years. She swiftly returned and has been enjoying her first month back in Year 2. I think it helps when she likes the teacher! Every evening I get lots of chatter of everything she has done throughout the week and its so lovely to hear. Moo is excelling in her reading and I am blown away every time she opens up her book. Its amazing to hear her fluently reading.

During the summer Moo really concentrated on her writing and I have seen a huge improvement since being back at school. She really enjoys writing and literacy and she is always telling me they are her favourite subjects. Maths is a bit of a weak subject and she isn’t really such a fan {I never was either!} She has improved so much in Year 2 though and we are only 5 weeks in.

Another favourite subject is PE she really likes gymnastics and I really hope she continues to love it {again I was never a fan of this subject either!}

I am so pleased with Moo’s level of academic. I think she fits in with her age and I couldn’t ask her to do anymore than she is. She is eager to learn and is becoming so much more confident in her subjects.

H has really surprised me at school I really didn’t think he would be that eager to learn anything or take part in classroom activities but he has. By week three of school we had the rendition of the phonics song and he would show me the sounds and actions. He is always eager to let me know when he has learnt new sounds and proudly shows them off.

Reading is still hit and miss, I try and explain the words and sounds but I think its going to take time {obviously!} He is willing to sit down with a book and try which is all I can ask for. He will get it, he just needs a little bit more time. H’s learning is still based around play.

H is quite honest in telling me he doesn’t like dinner time, I can see why, it is a bit overwhelming for a small boy. Moo has been taking care of him as much as she can and he does seem to be improving. We have less tears 5 weeks in.

Both Moo and H have settled back into school really well and I am so proud of them. I will be back next month with my second edition of the School Diaries


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