– One Half Term Down {The School Diaries} –

We did it. We have completed one half term. I have been counting down to half term, its been a long seven weeks and we are all rather tired. It feels strange as I have not changed the routine that much. I still needed to be out the door at 8.20am when H was at play school. But the effects of school has made H overly tired come the weekend.

Moo has taken it all in her stride and although this term was packed with reading and spelling its not really been out of the norm for her. Moo’s termly homework was testing and shamefully I left it till the last minute and we ended up rushing it. Although it came out really well and Moo loved making it. I am determined to change that next term and as soon as it arrives in her book-bag I will be making sure she starts it straight away.

H is one tired little boy. He falls asleep instantly when he goes to bed and he can be a bit grumpy come Friday. We have really tried to keep onto of reading and I have been helping him try to spell his name. He is pretty confident with some letters but struggles with others. Phonics is amazing and he has picked it up so well. He comes home every day and recites the phonics song, with actions.

I worry about him at school still. I compare quite a lot, which I know I shouldn’t but its hard not too. Moo was quite ahead at this stage compared to H and I dwell on that a little too much I think. Moo was eager to learn and H just wants to play, but he is showing signs that he is learning which is the most important thing.

I am excited to see what they both learn next term. Moo’s topic will no doubt change from Toys and no doubt bring more homework. H has not yet had homework but again he is bound to get some soon {other than reading and spelling}

The weeks break will be a welcome one. One to relax and catch up on all things non-school. We get to spend time as a family and prepare ourselves for the new term.


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