– Summer Endings, Liev Schreiber, Cups… Little Loves 34/52 –

Happy Friday peeps… Another week has passed and its time for another little catch up with all the lovely bloggers that link up with Morgana and their #littleloves

Cannot believe we have one full week left of the summer holidays. Its been a good six weeks and I know I am going to miss the kiddies when they go back!

Without to much waffling, this is what I have been loving this week…


Not a lot this week.. I have had to read quite a few leaflets about bits which I am still trying to get my head round. I have not felt like reading my book this week. I received some pretty terrible news about my op I had a few weeks ago, I have blogged about it here as a release in hoping it would make me feel better, it did for all of 10 minutes…  I have been doing lots of research and trying to get my head around everything that is happening.


This week has been a week of catch ups and we managed to watch a fair amount that was on our box. We had a Ray marathon mid week, which cheered me up no end.. Live Schreiber is quite a hotty. We also watched the normal GBBO and I have been indulging myself further with Greys {Bit like last week really!}

I did watch The Poundshop Wars on BBC before GBBO.. just throwing it out there as something different! I seem to watch the same ole same old lately!


Firstly, I heard the husband say they had left a stitch in my wound! Luckily it was hanging out, so he just got some tweezers and got it! Bit naughty as I had them out over two weeks ago!

Secondly Moo loves this song and I quite like it too. I have played it quite a bit in the car on Moo’s request so its grown on me.

and thirdly, I have only just recently seen Pitch Perfect, this has made its way into my playlist too!


This is down to H this week. I bought a cap for him a while ago now and he insists on wearing it everywhere with sunglasses to match! The fashion sense of a 4 year old is out of my hands!


I made some fairy cakes this week. I put the recipe up on a recent post. Very simple and very effective in making two children happy!

‘And lastly..’

We are having friends over for a BBQ this weekend and I am hoping the weather stays nice! Its been pretty hit and miss with the rain so far this week! Monday we are off out with the whole family. We go for a picnic every august bank holiday and its something I really look forward to!

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!

I am linking up with the ever so lovely butwhymummywhy? for this linky, if you want to join in just click here 


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6 thoughts on “– Summer Endings, Liev Schreiber, Cups… Little Loves 34/52 –”

  • Keeping fingers crossed for nice weather for you!! Eek about the stitch, very naughty.

    I love Pitch Perfect, still need to see the second one though. Nothing like baking to keep the kiddies happy! xx

  • How have you only just seen Pitch Perfect?? I love it, although when it came out the kids at school spent hours trying to do the cups dance, drove me potty!

    Hope you’re looking after yourself and that the sun comes out for you over the weekend. xxx

  • Really hop the weather stays nice for you, Mr C has a car show on Monday so we are hoping for sun too! It did look sunny for a while but now it’s changed to rain which is typical! The weather has been so crap this summer, can’t believe it’s nearly over. Enjoy your bbq 🙂 x

  • So sorry to hear about your mole. Can’t even imagine what you must be going through and your post about it made me well up too. I’m sure everything will be fine. Hope you have a lovely picnic today and enjoy the rest of your week x

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