My Siblings In January

For a while now I have wanted to join in with this linky and I decided that 2016 would be the year. I love taking photos, and although they are not always the most fantastic, and the majority of them are taken on my phone, I still enjoy looking through them and deciding the keepers.

This month has been pretty hectic. Saying goodbye to christmas and the start of the new school term has seen me with two very tired children. G and H are going through a phase of bickering quite a lot and the number one factor in all this is tiredness. I am rubbish on very little sleep, so I hate to imagine how they feel, but when they are bickering and fighting I loose the will to live and I find parenting them very hard. G is very strong willed and once she gets something in her head, it has to go that way. H has a temper on him and this has only started to come through since starting school.


But in the midst of all this bickering and foggy haze of tiredness, I have two siblings that do love each other. I sit and listen to them play, G takes charge and guides H through her imaginative world and I get overwhelmed with the sense of proudness that I have two children that adore each other. H idolises G and sometimes she really doesn’t get it. There are times where she wants to sit and play on her own, whether it be with Lego, colouring or playing with her little ponies an sometimes H just doesn’t understand, this is then the start of the bickering.

The thought that when I am older, I know that G will always have her little brother to rely on and H will always have his big sister, and no doubt, they will still bicker about the smallest of things..



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