Mummy Hearts You Weekly Catch-Up | 3/52

Mummy Hearts You Weekly Catch-Up | 3/52

I cannot quite believe I am sat typing up another catch-up series. Its has seriously flown by this week and its been quite an eventful one!

Sunday I took H to a party. I wasn’t to sure where it was so I jumped in a friends car and we went together. H had a blast. We arrived home to a box of photos straw across the floor. Mr B and G were sorting through all our photos. It was nice to look back at old baby snaps of G and H. We had a really easy dinner {so easy I can’t remember!} I prepared lunches and school uniform for the following day and I managed to get a bath in late afternoon.

Back to the routine on Monday. Thankfully the rain held of on the school run! I went straight to my sisters straight from dropping G and H off. I spent the day there, had lunch and a catch-up with her. Mondays are by far my favourite day as I get to spend time with her and her little boy O. Once I picked G and H up we went home to quickly changed into swimming costumes. H stayed at home with my mum and I took G on my own. Its always easier when my mum comes over and has H for me! G did so well, and is still improving weekly! We had a pizza tea and I had to pop out and help the local village hall once the children were in bed.

Tuesday I dropped of G and H and returned home. Today was the day I went self hosted and whilst I was waiting for the migration of my old blog, I started searching for themes. It took me all day and I couldn’t find one I liked. I left to pick G and H up thinking I would have better luck when I got in. Mr B phoned me and told me he was going to hospital, he has been having trouble with his balance which results in some quite bad dizzy spells. Once I got G and H home, I bathed them straight away as I was on standby to pick Mr B up and I didn’t want to be called whilst they were in the bath! A cheeky McDonalds dinner as again, cooking and telephone calls were never a good mix. Mr B called at about 7, so I got the kids together and we went and picked him up. Luckily he was fine and with strict instructions to not drive and take it easy, I had him at home for the rest of the week.

I dropped G and H off at school on Wednesday. I let G ride her scooter as she had been pestering me for some time. I went home and Mr B had hot tea waiting for me. We didn’t do anything all day. I did manage to get the washing done, but other than that we lazed around. We did make time for a cheeky cafe lunch! We had to pick up some medication from the hospital for Mr B so we left a little earlier so we were back intime for the school pick-up. I made a roast dinner for tea, which went down well with G and H. They were both tired from the late night before so an early night was had. I went to bed early as I wasn’t feeling to well either.

Thursday I still wasn’t feeling great. I finally managed to settle on a theme I liked and went live. I was pretty chuffed I managed to sort the design out myself! It was a long slog, but I finally did it. I still wasn’t feeling 100% so decided to do the food shop the following day. Mr B was making the best of his time of work by playing on the x-box, while I tweaked the newly designed blog. Once G and H were home we settled in for the night. We had baths and once they were in bed I soon followed.

My favourite day! Friday saw us drop off G and H and then head straight to the shops. We managed to do the weekly shop in record time. Mr B bought me a steam mop, which I have wanted for sometime! We managed to get it at a bargain price. Once we had unpacked the shopping we were back at the hospital for some results for Mr B. The wait seemed like forever and again I was suffering with a migraine so I wanted to get home. Once home we had lunch and I feel asleep on the sofa, Mr B woke me just in time for the school run. Dinner was chicken and chips {steak for me}

Saturday was a mega clean day. Beds changed and the house cleaned from top to bottom. I managed to get my steam mop working, so much easier than a mop and bucket! We finished cleaning late afternoon. I had a bath and  we had a curry for dinner {homemade!} We managed to catch up on our TV once G and H were in bed.

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