Day Time TV, Uggs, Flamingos | Little Loves 4/52

Day Time TV, Uggs, Flamingos | Little Loves 4/52

This week has flown by and I have had the pleasure of spending it with Mr B. Unfortunately he has been a tad unwell this week, so I have been taking care of him. Its been really nice to just relax with him.

Without to much waffling, this is what I have been loving this week…




Those that know me know how much of a Harry Potter fan I am and I am forever re-reading them. I did start a few months back but gave up rather quickly as I had too much on. For christmas I was given a lovely illustrated version of Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone. I opened it up this week and started to read it. I absolutely love all the drawings and I get a tad excited to see the illustrations as I turn each page.



With Mr B off work we have been indulging in far to much daytime TV. Shamefully we watched Judge Rinder! I actually cannot believe that people go on these programmes.. This week I saw a girl take her sister to court over a disastrous holiday! Mr B and I laughed a lot! I also tuned into Four In A Bed.. Again what a load of tosh!

I have so much on the planner to catch up on. We did watch Tattoo Fixers this week and I am so eager to get my next tattoo done. I do wonder why people choose disastrous designs and then regret them instantly!




Definitely a song I am loving this week. I have heard it so many times this week. Its made a firm fixture in my Spotify playlist.



I put the ankle boots to one side this week and got the Uggs out. Standing in the playground with icy cold feet is not something I like. The weather has turned and its become really bitter. G and H have been wrapping up warm in their hats, gloves and scarves. Is it Spring yet?




Not much, I have spent so much time tweaking the blog this week, does that count? I have moments where I am really pleased with then I find something I am not happy with. I am *I think* currently happy with it!

I also have been scrapbooking my diary I like to “make it look pretty. I am a bit of a washi tape addict and my diary is flamingo themed and when I found some flamingo washi tape I just had to get it! I find scrapbooking my planner quite therapeutic, it has kept me so organised with “normal life” and “blogging life”

I did make a Toad In The Hole this week. I really enjoyed it, but it didn’t go down to well G and H! I am struggling with meals for them at the moment! They are both going through a very fussy stage! I love making winter warmers..

‘And lastly..’

Today I am off to watch H in his school assembly! He has not spoken about it to me, so I have no idea what he is doing or saying. I am sure whatever he does he will be a trooper no matter what.

I also have a big hospital appointment today. This is the one I have been stressing out about and I cannot wait for it to be over with.

Have a lovely week!

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