Back To School, New Nails,Crochet Problems | Little Love 2016 2/52

Back To School, New Nails,Crochet Problems | Little Love 2016 2/52

Its Friday, and it can only mean one thing.. Little Love time. This is my favourite part of the week, it lets me reflect on all the little things I have loved.

This week has flew by. Already we are week two into January. I am still not in a routine just yet! Its been raining non-stop and has turned very cold! G and H are back at school and are very tired by the time I pick so its been early nights for everyone this week!

Without to much waffling, this is what I have been loving this week…


The first week into term is always inundated with newsletters, after school club sign up forms and what is expected this term from the school. This week has been no different!



I have finally managed to watch the rest of Homeland! It took us some time to complete the last series. I always get a little wayward half way through the season, but when it finishes I am always gutted its over. Its been left on a huge cliffhanger and I cannot wait for the next series!

I have silent witness on my planner {which I may or may not of watched by the time this goes live} I also want to watch the new Netflix thriller Making A Murderer.



To be honest I have not listened to much this week. Nothing that has really stood out anyway. I am still loving {whispers} Justin Bieber Love Yourself.


For christmas my mum bought me a new nail varnish and this week I finally got round to using it. Its Barry M Fuchsia Generation. Its one of my favourite nail varnishes by far and it went on so well!

I also bought some new boots from Dorothy Perkins. Huge fan of the ankle boot at the moment.




Last week I mentioned I started my new crochet project. Over the weekend I managed to get quite a bit done, it wasn’t until I realised that it actually wouldn’t cover me as I had made the starting chain to small! I had to unpick and start over and it wasn’t fun! It took me ages to get it right, I kept mis-counting stitches and I was so close to giving up but I finally got it right and I will have a wonderful large blanket at the end of it!

‘And lastly..’

IMG_3940Have a lovely week!

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