Children tend to be all over the place. You are never able to have them focus on one thing, and their thoughts always seem scattered. Now, at some point, you will need them to focus because it is just through that process they get to understand the world around them.

Here is what you can do to make sure they keep their concentration on specific tasks;

Keep technology away Phones and TV’s are a massive distraction. Children simply don’t seem to be doing much without them, and this puts you as the parent in a pickle. Sometimes taking your children’s devices off them will make them find other things to do like playing or going out with their friends.

Sleeping. If your child is going to bed too late then they are going to be really tired throughout the day which is going to make them not concentrate as well in school. It can also cause them to be moody. One way of  is to get a sunrise clock. This clock will help them to know when they need to go to sleep and it will also help them wake up gradually in the morning.

Let them balance between work and play. You can never emphasise on this quite enough. At times, the lack of concentration in children is the direct result of not being able to balance between their school/home chores and play time. Introduce a timetable for when to play and when to work.

Split tasks. Children tend to lose focus when they are given tasks that are too complex or time consuming to handle. If you are looking to get the best out of them, design tasks that have short sequences and if possible, breaks within the sequences. This way, you get to strike a balance between the work they are doing and their concentration spans.

Set deadlines. Kids love it when they have to work without deadlines, because it lets them do whatever they love. However, you’re looking to get the best out of them, so you need to set ultimatums. Let them know that if they do not concentrate on a single task and finish it on time, then there are going to be consequences.


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