I am a few days late for this post {I normally like it to go up on the 1st!} I actually forgot to post last month a What We Loved post for August! The month literally just rolled into September and I got lost in the new school year! Its been a manic month. But we have loved lots and I am looking forward to sharing them with you. So without too much waffling here is what we have loved..

Mr B loved

*Completing the downstairs toilet

*Playing with the new lawn mower

*Weekends as a family

*The prospect of helping G with her WW2 homework!

*The start of Luke Cage on Netflix


Mummy Loved

*Having the plastering started

*Our Girl

*Helping H with his homework

*Cheeky drinks with friends

*The start of Autumn

G Loved

*Starting back at school and seeing all her friends

*Meeting her new teacher

*Play dates with friends

*Having a spacious bedroom to practice dancing

*Arts and Crafts

H Loved

*Starting Swimming lessons

*Jumping in at swimming

*Blaze and The Monster Machines

*Seeing his best friends

*Finding unused toys

I would love to know what have you loved this month? Leave a comment below!


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