– Weekly Round Up #11 –

The last few weeks have been a bit of a blur and my blog has suffered. I have not been the best blogger I can be and the break was unexpected. I am slowly getting back into the swing of things and this week has been full of demolition! Its been madness here in the mummyheartsyou household, but without to much waffling here is what else we got up too!

Sunday was a lazy day. Mr B was nursing a hangover and an early wake up call meant we were all walking round the house like zombies by 10am! The in-laws popped in with Mr B’s nan after lunch. It was a pretty chilled day. I had loads of housework to do which is not always fun when you have had lack of sleep! I had a cheeky nap late afternoon and we had a takeaway for tea.

Bank holiday Monday was a complete washout and our annual plans were scuppered. We ended up going to the in-laws for our traditional bank holiday picnic. It was really fun! We set up the blankets indoors and listened to the rain on the extension roof! Full of food we left and vegged out on the sofa. I went out once the children were in bed to meet some mums from the school. Was a lovely evening catching up with everyone.

Demolition on our bathroom started Tuesday. We needed it empty ready for the plasterer. I left the Mr B to it! I had a dentist appointment I needed to get to so left early and returned with a numb face. My mum and her husband were round for lunch but I decided I needed soup, considering I couldn’t feel anything! My mum arrived with gifts from her holidays and after lunch I had to leave again to go to the doctors. Mr B had a blood test also, so we left together whilst my mum looked after Moo and H. Lasagne for dinner was a lovely round-up to a busy day!

Wednesday was all hands to the pump trying to get the bathroom emptied and all the pipe work done. It was pretty stressful and both Moo and H were not happy to be trapped in all day! Mr B didn’t finish till late. Unfortunately as we don’t have a bath or shower connected we ended up have a wash via the kitchen sink {how glamorous!} I was supposed to meet a friend for coffee once Moo and H were in bed, but the bathroom needed completing so I stayed at home and helped.

The plasterer arrived early Thursday morning! He got to work straight away and because the children had been indoors for the best part of the week I took them to my sisters for lunch so we were out of the way. Me and my sister had a good catch up and she showed me all her plans for her little business she has going on. I cannot wait till christmas as she has some lovely little milk jars to put out for santa! I returned home to a freshly plastered bathroom! Looked lovely!!

Friday Mr B made his way to B&Q, he spent the morning there, yes the whole morning!! He got back just in time for lunch! I made my way to my sister-in-laws after lunch so I could bath the children and I could have a shower. It felt so good! Home-made curry for dinner finished the day off nicely!

We did nothing on Saturday. We stayed in our pjs all day and slobbed. Mr B was still waiting for the plaster to dry so he did some odd jobs in the bathroom. Hopefully tomorrow he will start tiling! I made a beef stew for dinner. Autumn is here!

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