When I was younger I was never allowed to go trick or treating. It didn’t bother me as I was never that into it. We used to sit in the dark with the curtains closed tricking the people that knocked, making them believe we were not in. I think over the years its become much more appealing for us brits to go out and join in the fun. To be honest I am still not a fan but since having children my feelings about Halloween have subsided a little.

We didn’t go proper trick or treating until a few years ago. Luckily we still lived in our flat and no-one bothered to knock but know we are in our house there is no escaping the tiny cries of Trick or Treat from the children of the neighbourhood. Last year we stayed in as shamefully I didn’t want to take the kids out on my own, but we did decorate and open the door to anyone that knocked {I did eventually turn the doorbell off as it did get a bit much!} I promised them when I tucked them into bed that night that we would go out next year, and I have kept my promise as we planned to go out as a whole group.

Last week I had bought G and H their costumes. G was a Zombie Princess and H was a Ghost Ninja {I actually thought it was a Pirate costume at first but was mistaken when I got to the till} Since getting the costumes its been non-stop questions of “when is it Halloween?” 

This year we decided to go out and spend it with family. Mr B was working so I took G and H on my own. I ended up going up to my in-laws and went out all together with my sister-in-laws and cousins. It was actually quite fun and all the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Its funny to think how we have adapted to this tradition from America. It was not like this when I was younger!

H has been saying a slogan for a while now and I am not sure where he got it from. Trick or Treat, Smell my feet, Can I have something nice to eat. I am guessing from some American YouTube channel as he says it with a slight twang! I actually found it quite amusing the first time I heard it but after hearing it for the 10,000 time it become rather repetitive! In the excitement this morning he promised he would say it to every door he knocked on, but I think he must of forgotten when he saw all the treats! G got scared a little with some rather out there houses, I mean out there too, they were pretty scary for the adults let alone children!

All in all we have had a really fun evening! We have come home with buckets full of treats and two very tired children, who surprisingly have gone straight to bed!

Did you go out and trick or treat? Or do you not bother with Halloween? I would love to know your thoughts!




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