Traditions have become a regular thing in our household. One being a trip to Haleigh Castle with all the family. Its a chance to meet up and spend time together and for Moo and H to see and enjoy their cousins company. Each family has grown in size the last few years, so its rather difficult for us to meet up altogether. This is why this tradition has started to take place.

Every August Bank Holiday {although we did go last Saturday as the weather was abysmal this year!} we pack up our picnic blankets, cricket bats and kites and we all head to to the highest point and explore the ruins of an English Heritage castle. The views are rather spectacular looking out over the Thames Estuary, watching the boats go past and more importantly for H the trains! 

This year was no different, albeit the weather {twas a tad chilly!} We had fun, laughed, explored, ate, and flew our kites. When the sun shone it was glorious. It wasn’t to busy either which meant a few games of rounders and cricket were in order, although I was so cold, I watched from the sidelines huddled in a blanket! 

I am beginning to love this tradition, its definitely one that will continue to happen in years to come {as long as the weather is on our side of course!} 


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