The Splitting Of The Bedrooms {Was It The Right Decision?}

When we had H his bedroom was the lounge. It was not ideal, but we made it work when we were in our flat. When he was one, we started having problems with his little face appearing over the side of the travel cot when we were trying to watch our TV. A decision was made that he would be moved into Moo’s bedroom and ever since then they have shared.

We moved due to lack of space and now we are in our house we just carried on from when we were in the flat. We set up their bedroom as one and they continued to share. Over Sunday dinner Mr B decided to throw the idea of separating them, with this Moo was set on the idea! So a busy afternoon moving furniture, a lot of shouting and screaming {from me} and a panic we wouldn’t get finished in time for bed! But we did it and with two excited children we put them to bed.

Both me and Mr B felt quite sad when we left them to sleep. It was a huge milestone for both, I mean H still wakes up in the night and squeezes himself between me and Mr B. We gave them both the option that if they were to get scared they could join each other.

So far it has been unsuccessful, H still comes into our bedroom with nightlight in tow. Its not something I enjoy being woken to a little child holding a light at the bottom the bed! You may be thinking, why did you split them if they were still waking? and the answer… I am not sure myself to be honest! I was hoping it would give them the independence of having their own toys and their own space, but no, its not worked out how we planned!

We are not sure if its something we should persist with, or something we should immediately put back to the way it was. The lack of sleep on our part is not fun! I don’t do well with little sleep and once H is awake, Moo wakes and she too, ends up in our bed, a restless hour follows before they finally settle back down and fall asleep!

This week has been a struggle and I am hoping that once they both get used to it, it will all fall into place and Me and Mr B will finally get a straight through the night sleep!

How well do you children with separate rooms? Do they like the freedom? Do you have any tips on how to settle 2 children into their own?


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