The Quickest Year In History…

This time {to the date} we got the keys to our new house. It was an amazing day. It was a long awaited purchase and it meant we were free of two flights of stairs {although they were not huge!} A huge maintenance charge bill every six months and the lack of space. We were upgrading and it felt good.

This has been the quickest year in history. It has sped past, and today is a one year anniversary in our house. It has been a good year. The little things that make life so much easier. A driveway, a garden, a downstairs toilet, a big enough kitchen for family meals.. The list could go on and on.

Even though we have been here a year, not much has happened. If you follow my blog, you will know that we ripped the garden apart and re-landscaped it {the husband did anyway!} Its a perfect outdoor space and I get so excited when new plants which we planted, blossom. I am always out there at the end of the day watering it, nurturing it. Apart from the garden not much else has happened..

Financially at the moment work on the house has had to stop. Its a pain as we found out the electrics need doing so our decision to decorate has been put on hold. There are a few other little things that need doing as well and hopefully they will be completed by the end of the summer. A radiator in the lounge {which is rather big} so we are not chattering our teeth together in the winter {again!}. A new bathroom needs fitting upstairs too, as lovely as the bathroom suite is at the moment I need a bath!

Little things are starting to fall apart, but they are fixable with a little TLC.. We are hoping to get some quotes for the electrics soon and maybe, just maybe they will be done by next year! This means I will be able to rip up my gorgeous {sense the sarcasm} carpet in the lounge which is a flurry of mismatched patterns, it hurts my eyes!

Its been an amazing first year in our home and we want to make it a home we are proud of {in time} and hopefully once the major work is done we will be able to do that. Fingers crossed, this time next year I am writing about what we have achieved in our second year!


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