The Little Boy {2 Years 11 Months}

In 11 days you turn 3… 3!!! You are no longer a baby that I hold in my arms, you are no longer someone that needs to be pushed around in a pram! You walk everywhere! How did this happen? Have a missed a year?

I am so amazed at how well you cope with things.. You have taken play group in your stride, you run in, pop your show and tell toy in the box, immediately find your chair and you are off. 9 times out of 10 you either sit down with a train track or find the nearest indoor apparatusĀ and venture into your own little world of play group fun!

Your speech has come on leaps and bounds since starting play group. I used to struggle hearing what you were trying to say, now I get it and understand you. Strangers may not but I do. I really believe you have learnt so much in the short space of time you have been in an environment that teaches you new things.

Just like your sister you love to draw {even drawing a person with arms and legs the other day!} But your main passion is trains. I have never seen someone so interested in a particular toy. You take them everywhere and even if you were playing with something else, your trains will always be there beside you. I love that you are so passionate about something. You know its your birthday soon {thanks to your sister reminding you everyday!} and you have specifically asked for Spencer {From Thomas The Tank Engine} Luckily for you he may be hiding in the loft somewhere.

You have quite a short fuse at the moment and when you want something you WANT it. We persist in telling you no and it can take a while for you to realise you won’t get it {like most children!} You have a temper too, I would put it down to the terrible two’s but I really don’t think its that, you have not really gone through that stage. I think its frustration more than anything, but sometimes you need a time out!

You love a slide, which just so happens to be one of your sisters favourite things! If there is one in sight then you are on it. Thankfully play group always seems to have one on hand when you go!

You have become a loving, cute, clever, handsome little boy and you are still learning new things everyday! I still cannot get my head around the fact you are 3 this month!


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