When I fell pregnant with H, all I could think about was that G was finally getting a sibling. Someone she could look after and teach new things too, someone she could love unconditionally. Someone she could share secrets with and someone that she could turn too when she needed them.

I won’t lie, sometimes I have moments where I think G actually hates her brother. If you were to ask her what she wanted  she would say a baby sister and vice versa, if you was to ask H what he wanted it would be a baby brother. This summer has been a huge testament to their bond and I actually now realise that G loves her brother very much, and H loves his sister just as much.

They can bicker till their faces turn blue and I worry that their bond just isn’t that strong but I then see things and hear things that prove me wrong. For instance, school. I always said to G she needed to look after H, I was so worried when he started school but knowing G was there to look after him gave me a sense of relief. It got to the point where H was actually ruining G’s street cred when it came to playtime. She told him he needed to play with his own friends and that upset me, but I then found out they do this special goodbye when dinner time is over. They high five, cuddle, kiss {on the cheek – because you know its quite embarrassing kissing your younger brother in the playground!} and then join their own lines. They got into this habit because H got so upset at lunch time it was the only thing that settled him when lining back up in class order. I then realised that G actually does lookout for him, it was something they both made up together and its something that they share between them.


The summer holidays have also shown me that they both do really love each other, even if they don’t show it. Throughout the holidays I have completely thrown the bedtime routine out of the window. G struggled to sleep so I agreed that she could watch a DVD in bed. Nine times out of ten she would be asleep half way through the film. It wasn’t long before H cottoned on and it ended up with the bedtime routine going completely, at first H would take himself of to bed once the film ended but then it got to the point they were watching re-runs of the film and H would fall asleep on the floor. Not exactly the comfiest of positions to sleep in. One particular night after a pretty stressful day with them of me shouting and just generally being that horrible shouty parent I walked in to G and H in bed, snuggled in together sleeping peacefully. I left them together as I couldn’t bring myself to separate them. I sat and watched them sleeping and the realisation hit that even though they argue, bicker, fight and shout at each other, when push comes to shove they adore each other.


Certain days out over the last six weeks have also shown me that they do have a wonderful bond, Several times I have asked G to look after H and she has stepped up to the mark and has guided him, taught him, and looked out for him. Last week we went to a pool party and I didn’t go in, I sat at the side watching both G and H play. G his quite confident in the water but H has not had lessons and is still a little wary about swimming pools. G blew me away at how she looked out for H that day. She taught him so much, from using a float, to jumping in {she caught him every time} to kicking his legs. H relies on his sister so much and G doesn’t realise that he looks up to her, he adores her and sometimes she just needs reminding, sometimes I need reminding that they really do have that sibling bond..



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