I just want to scream….

In February we accepted an offer on our teeny tiny 2 bed flat, we were ecstatic, finally we wouldn’t have to walk up two flights of stairs to our front door, finally we would be able to swing open the back doors of our newly purchased house, finally the children would have a garden they could spend their summer days, finally we would own a house, not a flat.

5 months on and we are still waiting. It is the most frustrating thing in the world, waiting for answers and waiting for that all important date.

The stress I {and the husband} am under is not good. We are constantly phone watching, the phone rings and I jump up to realise its not them calling, I wake up every morning, thinking is this the day? {it never is} I have taken to calling the solicitors on a weekly basis and its all repetitive…

“we have more questions to ask/answer”

How many questions is too many? All I want is to not feel the need to scream down the phone, to shout how important it is for us to be in. All I want is to hear those precious words of, you can move on this date…..

Moo has now begun to ask questions, when are we going to be in our house? When are we going to get a garden? When am I going to get my own room? I cannot give her answers, because I just don’t know..

I have heavy shoulders with all the stress, its annoying that its taken so long, I would love to say, we can sign the contracts next week, but I just don’t know when it will be..

I have had enough, I have had enough of the waiting, and the way I am feeling, the stress feeling and most importantly the constant feeling of wanting to scream…


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