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I wont lie, I was not overly looking forward to the summer holidays. I had a mixture of all different feelings. It was the first year in a very long time that I had to work, it was also a year where I had not planned one single activity in advance. I mean who does that? But it has ended on such a high. We have managed to enjoy so many different things and we have done all this as a family.

It helped that the first 4 weeks of Gracie and Henry being off the weather was pretty damn good. It meant we were able to get out and enjoy ourselves without the worry of it raining {which lets be honest, it normally what happens in the holidays!} We managed lots of dog walks on the cooler days, trips to London, days out with friends and trips out with family. I wont lie, I have really really enjoyed spending the time with everyone.
















As well as all of the days out I have managed to juggle working too. It was not as bad as I was expecting. I am lucky that the job I have is working from home. James was off in the middle of the summer fro three weeks so whilst I worked he entertained Gracie and Henry. I dint work loads, but managed to pick up a few extra shifts covering holidays which came in handy because the holidays can be expensive!

As well as all of the days out and spending time with those we love, its been so nice to just have days at home. This days where you dont get dressed till lunch time and watch films all day or in Henrys case, play the x-box till his hearts content! Those days have just been as good as the busy days. We all need time to wind down and relax, recharge before we have the mayhem of busy days.

With the summer holidays drawing to a close, we actually don’t have much planned for the next week or so. I will be working the odd day and we may have a few days with family planned. Its our time to wind down before the mayhem of school. Its been such a wonderful six weeks, one i wont forget in a hurry. I actually don’t want to send them back to school. Now both are older its become a lot easier.

How was you summer? Did you get to do all the things you had hoped? I made a little video of our summer.




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