This time last week I was all prepared for the new school year. Uniforms ironed, lunches made, book bags packed and new school shoes out ready for there first outing wearing in. I am sat here tonight, thinking how quickly that first week went. By Friday we were well and truly warn out. Both G and H are now unwell and rundown and I am hoping we are all well enough to battle the school run for another week.

G headed into Juniors as a confident, not so little girl. I am now torn between each end of the playground as the Juniors is one end and the infants is the opposite. I made a pact with G that I would wait for the first initial bell to ring and then I would make my way up to get H settled in his line. I hate it, I hate leaving her, I hate not being able to wave her off properly, but G? She loves it, she loves the fact I don’t hang around so see her in to the classroom!

This year G has a new teacher, who has just started with the school. He is an ex headteacher who stepped down to spend more time with his family. G already adores him and she says he is making lessons fun and interesting. I have every confidence in him as a teacher and I am expecting big things from him. When I do the pick up, nine times out of ten G’s class is out first, so I linger outside the classroom which has its windows open and listen to the teacher. He literally has the class eating out of the palm of his┬áhand and its nice to hear the children getting involved in the lesson. He is very softly spoken and I know that if he needed to shout he would!

H headed into year one and he seemed so small to be climbing those stairs to his classroom. Monday was a complete right-off when it came to the school run as it was wet play so I had to enter H’s domain {the classroom} which led to full on tears, clinging to my leg and two teachers prising him off me. I have to admit I cried most of the way home, but the school kept their promise and called to say he was perfectly fine.

H too has a new teacher. She is a NQT {newly qualified} and even though I have doubts about them, they have to start somewhere. She seems really lovely and she certainly has her hands full with the class as the boy to girl ratio is 24 boys to 6 girls! By the time Friday came along, she seemed to be in a groove that worked and although it was really hectic at the beginning of the week for everyone, teachers, children and parents, I am hoping she relaxes in the role and enjoys it {as much as possible!}

I am sat here tonight heading into week two. We have literally done nothing all weekend, both G and H are run down and ill with coughs and colds. Again I am all prepared, with uniforms, book bags, and lunches. I hate the rush of the morning and I like to know that I am heading into a new week as calm and ready as I can be. I am hoping once the routine continues we somehow get used to it again, we get into the swing of daily school runs, after school clubs and the days being taken up by learning. Heres to another academic year!


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