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When I was younger, I refused point blank that I would ever get married. That all changed when I met J. I knew from that first moment I clapped eyes on him that he was the one. He was a sly dog really and one cold winters day in January he offered to take me home after a work meeting.. Unfortunately it took us a good few hours to drive the 2 junctions of the M25 due to the horrendous snowfall. In those few hours I had never laughed so much.. He was quite frankly hilarious and when I went to bed that night, he was all I thought about.

Thankfully it wasn’t long before he asked me out on our first date, and the rest is history as they say. My opinion of marriage changed instantly and within 6 months we were talking about it and within a year we were engaged. Its funny how one person can change your opinion. I didn’t want to leave him of an evening, I wanted to spend all my time with him. Luckily we worked together and I got to see him everyday.

9 months onto our relationship I went over to America for a holiday which was already booked when I met him. It was quite frankly the worst time ever. I missed him like crazy and those 2 and a bit weeks could not have ended quick enough. When he picked me up on my return, I was adamant I never wanted to leave his side again. In December we were engaged and then soon after I moved in with him and his parents. I was accepted into another family with open arms and quite frankly they are the best. I have gained 2 wonderful sisters and my in-laws are amazing..

Fast forward another 2 years and I was standing outside two huge doors with a toast master saying to me are you ready? I was ready, I couldn’t wait to see him standing at the end of the aisle, I was so ready, I dragged my mum down, I literally no.. I ran down the aisle.. Now I look back its highly embarrassing! I still think, god you should have taken your time!

My wedding day was perfect, it was one of the best days {apart from the births of Moo and H} It was filled with love, joy, and happiness.. I look back with fond memories of our outrageous first dance, family members that are no longer with us but were able to share our day and the fact that this person, who was now my husband wanted to be with me and share the rest of his life with me. Its quite an honour to call myself his wife. He is my one true love, my best friend, my confident and my lover.

The two bands on my hand, signify that day, it signifies my love for him and I wear them with pride. 8 years ago today I married the love of my life and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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So here is to 8 years… Chin Chin..


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