Me & Her…

Yesterday saw H return to play-school. Moo was rather chuffed that she had the morning with me, all to herself. I was looking forward to this too as it meant we could go out and spend some time together. I thought long and hard about what to do, debating whether I could fit a cinema trip in, but the 3 hours we had meant it would be a little tight. So instead I decided on a posh coffee!

We dropped H at play-school and shot of in the car to the local shopping centre. I had a few errands to run first. New tights needed to be purchased for the new term. I needed to hunt around for a new swimming cap and ear plugs for when Moo returned to swimming, and we had a cheeky browse in the Disney Store.

Once we were done we headed of to the coffee shop. We had seen one of Moo’s friends so I invited them along too. Whilst we waited for them too arrive, we sat down and talked, talked about her worries, talked about going back to school, talked about the last two weeks and how she felt. We laughed, laughed at our silliness and joke telling, and we played, played eye spy {she is pretty damn good at it!}

It was lovely to spend time together, we very rarely do and it was strange, not having H the little side kick, but it was lovely to spend time with my girl, one on one.. Something we very rarely do and something I want to make a habit out of.

Just me and her…


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