This post has been a long time coming, its been sat in my drafts for quite sometime. In fact its been sat there since we got Fluer all those weeks ago. I was scared of tempting fate if I clicked that post button. I was scared something would drastically go wrong if I made the post live. When we got Fleur, she was a sick pup. We didn’t realise straight away and I thought what a huge mistake it was in getting a puppy on a complete and utter impulse buy. Because thats what it was, it was a huge impulse buy and it was my doing and I was worried that we had wasted all that money we spent on her and we actually wouldn’t get a puppy that would eventually be healthy.

I’ve been around dogs for quite a few years. I have to admit I am a little jumpy around some dogs. When I  was chased and the fear has never gone away. My fears then rubbed off on G and I realised I was making her scared. Her fear was pretty intense and she would literally run from a dog. Not realising if you ran they think you are playing and would chase you. It was a vicious circle and one I wanted to nip in the bud.

My sister breeds dogs and Mr B finally met my sisters pups in June. The breed of dogs are not for me, Dogue De Bordeaux. Meaty dogs. Too big for my liking but, friendly and loyal. As pups they are adorable and I was all over them as if they were mine. I literally would snuggle them as much as I could whenever I visited. Seeing Mr B with the pups pushed me even further that getting a dog would be ideal for our little family. Secretly he has wanted one for years.

The urge to get a dog started way back when Mr B’s sister bought a very cute Shih-Poo. A cross between a shih tau and a poodle. I literally fell in love instantly and although I was not a dog person {at all} there was a person in the back of my head screaming that we should get one. Fast forward a few more years and Mr B’s other sister bought the most adorable cross puppy Red Setter and Poodle making an Irish Doodle. This was the type of pup I wanted. Fluffy and not too big.

After Mr B saw my sisters pups he did some searching behind my back. He didn’t tell me because he knew I would not stop going on about it, and he was right because the Tuesday following that visit I just happened to be looking at pups for sale and I saw the most adorable, 10 week old Cocker-Poo puppies. I was the devil on Mr B’s shoulder and we agreed we would go and have a look whilst G and H were at school. We also agreed no money would be taken so we couldn’t just walk out with one. That changed instantly when we saw her. Mr B left me at the sellers home and we walked out with a very gorgeous tanned Cockapoo pup! We had nothing at home to prepare us for a new pup!


On first glance Fleur was a lovely healthy pup. Very lively and ate like a horse. Apart from smelling rather doggy. All seemed well. We soon noticed though that she had a pretty bad cough. A quick search of the internet and the only thing we could think what it could be was Kennel Cough. We also noticed her bowl movements were very loose, but we put that down to the change of environment. We managed to get a first vet visit for the next day and were excited that she would be getting her first lots of injections.

The following day, was like a punch to the stomach and we were whacked with quite a large vet bill. We were correct in thinking she had Kennel Cough, but she also had an upset stomach, double ear infection and a high temperature. I was so cross that anyone could get a pup in this condition. It was so upsetting and I honestly though she would die – very extreme yes! But after a few courses of antibiotics and after six weeks we were finally able to get her injected. Just before the summer holidays!


Fleur is such a lovely addition to the family. I won’t lie we struggled to the adjustment at first. The training I found particularly hard. But we ended up taking all the pads up and leaving the door open so she could go freely from the garden and although we still have the odd accident we are 90% there.

I love the greet we get when we come in, I love how she reacts to you in the morning when you come down from up-stairs. I just love everything about her. G and H are totally besotted with her and although he doesn’t like to admit it, Mr B has fallen hook line and sinker for Fleur. He has wanted a pup for so long, and although it started off a little shaky and it could of potentially turned into the worst decision we ever made, it is in fact the best we have ever made. And with a face like this, who can deny this little one of love and lots of snuggles?!







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  1. August 5, 2017 / 8:03 pm

    She’s so cute! And she’s gotten so big so quick! Glad she’s ok now bless her x

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