A "Frozen" Day Out… {Part One}

A few months ago, some mums at the school suggested we take the girls out for a special Frozen cinema trip… Frozen, if you don’t know has taken the world by storm! Moo is obsessed with it and I knew straight away she would love it.

It was special as it was actually a sing along event. It was being shown in London and everybody had to dress up! The stress kicked in when I realised I was unable to actually purchase a dress! The Frozen phenomenon had taken over and you could not purchase any Frozen merchandise ANYWHERE!

I did manage to buy the dress, I paid over the odds on Ebay for “the real deal” and I also bought matching Elsa shoes {which mistakenly I bought too big, so we had to come up with a cunning plan of inserting pumps inside so they didn’t fall off – oh the dramas!}

IMG_6961This photo, says it all {even though her face has been cut off!} her little smile sums it up!


So on Sunday we travelled up to London, kitted out in our Elsa gear. It was Moo’s first ever time on a train {yes, I know!! shocking} We arrived in plenty of time so we stopped off at Victoria Embankment park and ate our lunch. Once finished we hopped on the train and arrived at our destination! Leicester Square.

It was so busy, we headed straight in armed with popcorn and ice-cream. It was amazing the effort everyone put into their costumes. Everyone looked really good. Once the film started it was all about the singing! Everyone put there all into it and I managed to film everyone singing too! {Its blacked out as there was no lighting, but you get the idea!}

It was all very interactive, having little clappy hands {which you can hear in the video} to clap together for scenes, balloons for the trolls and queen Elsa crowns.

Moo had a blast and sang her little heart out!

I took a fair amount of photos on the day, and I have to share this particular one as its makes me swell with pride.. Moo dealt with the trains and being in an unfamiliar place with such ease! She put me to shame really as hate trains..


I very rarely get to spend one on one time with her anymore as she is at school, but spending this with her was amazing and we had a real blast! I am s glad we could share this experience together, its something she will not forget in a hurry I am sure, she has already been flipping through the photos this morning!

Keep posted for another post coming up as we spent the afternoon, having tea at the Hilton!



  1. cariemay
    July 22, 2014 / 9:07 pm

    Oh how wonderful – I bet she absolutely adored it! I’ve got a similarly obsessed little girl who would think it was just about the most exciting thing ever!!

    • July 22, 2014 / 9:11 pm

      It was really good fun and Moo had such a wonderful time!

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