A Family Getaway To Center Parcs | Part Two

I have written about our first three days here if you want to catch up on what we have been up too. We had a wonderful 7 day break to Center Parcs Elvedon. We went with the whole family and although H and I were ill for 3 of the days we still managed to fit in some activities, which we all really enjoyed and we all had a wonderful family break.

Monday H was ill soI decided to hang back in the lodge. Mr B and some of the family had the Zip-Wire challenge booked. I was pretty upset that I was unable to watch because the final part of the challenge was a zip-wire across the lake and I wanted to watch Mr B make his way over it. Thankfully due to storm Katie it was actually cancelled at the last minute so they re-booked it for Tuesday. I was hoping H would be better as it gave me a second chance to watch! With nothing else planned Mr B took G swimming and I looked after H. We decided to get a takeaway for dinner which I was really looking forward to. After sleeping most of the day H perked up loads and I was hopeful that we would be out of the lodge and ready to enjoy the rest of the holiday.

I was disappointed to wake ill on Tuesday! Annoyingly I had woken in a hot sweat several times throughout the night and when I woke in the morning I felt terrible. I was very much looking forward to going to the Pancake house for breakfast and due to H being sick {again} and me not feeling great we stayed back whilst everyone else went. Me and H slept most of the day, only waking to be checked on by Mr B, G and his mum and dad. Mr B did his Zip-Wire challenge and I was gutted I missed it for a second time.G spent the morning at the park and the beach. H felt loads better by the evening and I felt somewhat better so we decided to join in the fun of bowling. I was pleased to actually get out after being stuck in for two days! I slept better than the previous night considering I had slept most of the day! We manage to get home from bowling and watch The A Word too!






Wednesday was a full on day of activities. Mr B and I went field Archery with our brother-in-laws and niece. G went Litle Johns Archery with her cousin and aunt and uncle and H who had finally declared he felt loads better went pottery painting with his aunt, nanny and grandad, and 2 of his cousins. Archery was so much fun and although we were not as competitive as some of the people taking part we had a blast. I managed to shoot the target many times beating Mr B but overall my niece won out of our little group. G had loads of fun and apparently is a natural with a bow and arrow! H painted a ladybird and I will be popping it on my mantle pice when I get home. Gracie was given a money pot which was kindly painted by her aunt! We made the most of the swimming pool in the afternoon and because I still was not feeling 100% I watched from the side lines with a magazine. I cooked up fajitas for dinner and had an early night whilst Mr B took G and H to the mini disco.


Part Three coming soon



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