A Family Getaway To Center Parcs | Part One

I have always wanted to go to Center Parcs. It didn’t matter where or which one but its always somewhere where I have wanted to go. Mr B went many times when he was younger and his family have lovely memories and fondly talk about it. Last year we decided to book up Elvedon as a big family holiday,  Mr B’s mum and dad, his two sisters and their families. Split over two lodges we were heading for a 7 day stay and I was oh-so-excited.

I am going to write this up over three posts. I am trying to remember everything we did, but we did so much {even with a sickness thrown in}


We arrived at Elvedon on the Friday and as we were not allowed into the lodge till after 3pm we went exploring and found ourselves heading straight for the pool. G loves swimming so she was so eager to get in. It was pretty amazing and had loads to do for the children. Splash pools, slides, wave machines, lazy rivers, rapids, anything you could hope for in one place. After a fairly decent swim and splash about we headed for our lodge and dumped everything inside and headed for a pre-booked meal at Bella Italia. This was the first time we had all got together and there was a mix of chatter, laughter and excited talks about what the week had in store for us. Thankfully G and H were pretty wiped out and managed to fall asleep pretty sharpish when we arrived back at the  lodge so we unpacked and lit the fire. Being in the woods is rather calming and when we woke the  next morning we were amazed at how close the wildlife got to us. There were Robins, Squirrels, Ducks, Blue Tits, Rabbits, Deer, they would come up to the back door waiting for food. G and H were in their element, feeding them every morning and evening before bed. It was a completely different environment to what we are used to.




Saturday we had booked up an Easter Trail. We were sent on a goose chase looking for clues all over the forest and walkways. We were racing against time and if we were first back to the designated point we would win a prize. We all ended up walking about 5 miles in total including the family dog {Mr B’s Sisters – who is a complete cutie!} and by the end of it we were rather tired! We didn’t come first, but we did win a badge and a chocolate egg, so it was well worth taking part! We had lunch and decided to make the most of a free afternoon and headed straight to the pool. I decided to sit this one out as the morning had really taken its toll on me. I watched from the sidelines with H, he was really tired so sitting with me eating ice-cream was more his thing! After a few hours in the pool we headed out and unfortunately the tiredness had caught up on  H and he promptly threw up all over the floor. With a quick visit to the onsite nurse we were sent home for rest and a good nights sleep. Some of the family had massages booked in, so Mr B and I rested at the lodge with G and H who slept peacefully.


IMG_4961 IMG_4960

We had lots booked on Sunday. A round of Mini-Golf nice and early. With 14 people playing it took some time, but it was so much fun! We laughed our way through the course. After we decided to split up and some of us went on the electric boats whilst the others went for a drink in the bowling bar. I had to quickly pop into the use to let them know H was feeling better {so we thought!} H loved the boats, and as I stood on the bank waving, his little face was just a wonderful picture. After lunch we headed back to the pool. H wasn’t in it for long and ended up falling asleep on the side lines with nanny. I had loads of fun on the cyclone water ride {very scary!} We didn’t stay in the pool long as Mr B, his sister, her husband and I had a sauna session so we had to be out and over to the spa for 6pm. We decided to cycle over and because we didn’t hire bikes we borrowed Mr B’s sisters which was a tandem with a child seat on the back, as I am small we thought it was a good idea.. Not such a good idea really! The Sauna was amazing and I really enjoyed dipping in and out of the steam rooms. Some were just too hot but I felt rejuvenated after and felt very lucky to have gone.




Part Two coming soon..


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