A Day Out With Thomas!

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know by now that H is obsessed with trains! Not any old trains, but Thomas trains. He only has to look at there faces and he will know the name of each and everyone.

This weekend we took him to see Thomas. I had been looking out for “A Day Out With Thomas” for sometime and when I found out that he was visiting a station that was not to far away, I booked it straight away. I didn’t tell him, so he had no idea that we were going..

When he saw the sign a few miles to go, he got a little excited, but he didn’t actually have any clue we were going to actually see him, he just thought it was a sign! So when we pulled in and saw some trains he started to get a little giddy!


We headed through to the ticket office and typically the gift shop was right at the front, you had to walk through it to get to the platform, so a few tears were shed as we didn’t want to waste time in the shop first! We managed to exit and headed to watch the steam train leave, it was a pretty impressive train and H was amazed by it {I believe it was supposed to be Hiro}



Once the train left, it was time for the big reveal. Thomas was waiting patiently at the end of the station and I watched H’s face as he saw it coming in to rest. He was so excited and was even more excited that Annie and Clarabel were behind him!


IMG_7161 IMG_7162 IMG_7159

We were them able to ride Thomas! A quick ride, up and down the station was just what H needed. After we had our picnic and Moo was able to let of steam on a bouncy castle. We had to wait around for a while as we had tickets to go on the steam train, it was a bit of a long wait and topped off with the fact the train was delayed by 20 minutes! We managed to get a seat at the small park and the little ones enjoyed playing whilst we had our ice-cream!



We had a quick stop of at the gift shop, as the steam train ride was just over an hour I bought some small activities for Moo and H to occupy themselves with. Moo especially like the Thomas memory game! H was more interested in his new Annie and Clarabel trains!

They were both amazed with the train ride, it was so hot though and slightly uncomfortable but it was good fun and quite a lovely journey through the Kent countryside!





Once we were back at the station, it was a quick wave goodbye to Thomas and The Fat Controller and time to leave. H has told anyone that will listen that he has seen Thomas, Annie and Clarabel and Hiro.. I love the fact that its one of his favourite things. He has now compiled a list of trains that he wants for Christmas!

**I was not asked to write about this event, I just wanted to share with you our day as a family and how much fun we had!**


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