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Its been a long 15 months in the making, but last week I finally completed my ripple blanket and its not left my side since. Last year for my birthday I ordered the Attic 24 wool pack from Woolwarehouse and quickly set my sights on making myself a ripple blanket. It was the second attempt at making myself a blanket {the first was a granny square blanket which is still unfinished}

I steamed ahead hoping to have it finished by the winter but that was just a silly estimate and a year and a bit later I have the completed blanket sat upon my lap. I look in awe at it and cannot believe I made it. I would go for days even weeks without picking it up, but then I would sit and work for hours on it when I did. It has been a labour of love.



I searched online for ripple blanket examples and rather than copy someone else’s work I altered mine to be slightly different. Making the pattern my own. Ripples work really quickly and before you know it you have half a blanket. I have made mistakes and a crochet pro would be able to tell, but I think for my first blanket I have done well,

IMG_3271 IMG_3275

I managed to get the stitch details from a YouTube video. I am really not good at reading patterns and prefer to be shown how to do it. Once I know the stitch its becomes second nature. I messed up the edging and got very slack with the tying off, and its one mistake a won’t make again. I didn’t think it would matter how it was tied off, but it really does and I am kicking myself for cheating on it.


I love sitting on the sofa off an evening wrapped fully in the blanket. Its big enough to cover me so keeps me nice and warm on these chilly nights we have been having.

I already have my sights on another wool pack by Attic24 and have added it to my christmas list. I love the idea of a chevron blanket in tones of blues and greens, so hopefully I can start that in the new year. I have another little project I am going to work on till then, hopefully it won’t take me as long as the blanket!



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