The Completed Blanket

Last year, I was asked by my sister to make something special for her soon to be baby. I took the challenge up and for the past few months I have been busying myself making a baby blanket.


Today I have finished that blanket and to say I am thrilled with it is a slight understatement.


I took up crochet exactly a year ago and as of yet I have not made anything that has yet to be completed. I started of a blanket for myself which is half done {it was a massive task for a first timer} I then made some bunting but again that was only half wittingly done.


I was nervous about committing myself to something with my track record of uncompleted jobs but I am so pleased I stuck to it and now have a completed crochet project.

I even managed to put on a border to complete the blanket, which I am so so pleased with. Its been a labour of love and at times I have wanted to give up, especially on that last round when you know you are so close to the end, and everything seems to be going wrong.


I am really looking forward to seeing my new nephew snuggled up in this blanket, but in the mean time I am eager to start another project!

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