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Last year I finally finished my crocheted ripple blanket and after a few months break I was eager to get stuck into another project. I was lucky enough to receive a huge wool pack for christmas and this was the kick start I needed to start something new.

After my ripple attempt I wanted to try something different. I still wanted to stay in my comfort zone so decided to do a chevron blanket. I picked up the ripple stitch pretty quickly so was expecting the chevron stitch to be just as simple.

I got busy with the blanket in the christmas holidays. I managed to find a tutorial on line, I watched it over and over until I understood the stitches and then I sat and worked out how big I wanted the blanket to be. I was pretty confident so I began and thats when it all went wrong.

I started off really well, but by the time I was on my third row I realised I had messed up, so I unpicked it all and started again. Repeat this five or six times and you understand why I gave up! The counting was confusing the hell out of me and I decided to put it away and have a break. I spent days working on it only for me to realise I had missed a stitch which resulted in me unpicking most of it.

I managed to find another tutorial and away I went, it was so much easier and I was working pretty fast with the pattern. I kept a count on what I was doing and I was pleased with the outcome and the progression. I decided to measure it up against my ripple for size and I was so frustrated that it was half the size! It was more like a baby blanket than a cosy sofa blanket! So there I was feeling defeated unpicking for the zillionth time.


I have had a big break from it as I was so disheartened by the fact I just couldn’t get it right. Last week I picked it up again and began hooking. I have spent the last few days really concentrating on getting the basics right and I now have the start of a blanket! I have not put it down for a good few days and I definitely have the hooking bug yet again.

I plan to do several updates throughout the making of this blanket. I have 15 different shades and I plan to block work, changing the colour every 18th row. I am already daydreaming about snuggling up on the sofa next winter..


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