Granny Square Blanket Update #1

So its time for an update! I have to admit Ive been a bit slow on the making process.

March was a stressful month, my mum was in hospital so some of my evenings were spent travelling to the hospital to visit her, and by the time I arrived home I was too knackered to pick up the hooks! The first week of April has too been stressful with both Moo and Thor being unwell.

When Moo was was at play school it was so much easier for me to crochet during the day as I could quite easily pick up the hook once Thor was put down for a nap, and it gave me about two and half hours to crochet which I could get about 2 squares done in. Ive learnt not to crochet whilst the kiddo’s are around as they tend to use the hooks as drumsticks and pull the wool about so it all unwinds!

I calculated that I needed to make 70 squares for a decent sized blanket, sounds a lot, and yes it is a lot! I have so far made *drum roll please* 10! so only another 60 to go! Once Moo is back at play school I am sure I will get back into it, my aim is to get it done before my birthday *she says* in July, would make a perfect 30th birthday presents for ones self!



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  1. April 8, 2013 / 2:21 pm

    glad your enjoying crochet, it’s a lovely hobby. I have projects everywhere and they will no doubt take years! x

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