Crochet Class Week 2…

This week I learned how to Granny Square. I am so glad I went this week! I am starting to really enjoy crochet.

The start of the day was good too as I was given the oppertunity to buy some wool which made my day as I was starting to think about what I was going to make. I arrived at the class and was told it was going to be based around Granny Squares, which I was thoroughly pleased about as I wanted to learn, I had been practising but didn’t want to let on as I I felt like I would then be one step ahead so I carried on as if I didn’t know.

Before I knew it I had my square complete and I was on my way home! Unfortunately I am unable to make any more classes so thats me done! but I am hoping to do one more course which will be a day course, which luckily falls on the husbands day off! I will learn how to read patterns which obviously is a must, I know the basics of it but it will obviously help to know!

Ive really enjoyed getting to know the basics. I have now started my first project and I am well under way with it! I am so excited to see the end result but its a long way off yet! (read about it here)

Collage1 Collage2

Crochet Diary

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