A New Hobby…

As well as my baking passion, which will always be my first love, Ive started to learn crochet. I am a complete amateur and I and totally rubbish at the moment but hey, practise makes perfect I guess! I am currently waiting on a book to arrive which I am hoping is going to help me in my battle to conquer crochet, but typically its not going to be arriving till March! so yesterday I fired up youtube and watched a few videos, the link stitches are easy, the single crochet stitch took a while but the double crochet was a battle. I soon realised it was tea-time so I gave up and put the hook down! I have to say, its addictive, I just sat there practising the link stitches for a while to get the hang of it and feel for the hook, then I did the same with the single stitches to get comfortable in doing them, I will still need to do it a few more times before I actually go ahead and make something! The husband is working late’s this week so perfect opportunity to practice!

Might I add, if your learning to crochet… Never, I repeat Never, try and learn with 2 demanding kiddos hanging round! stressville……

Nothing fancy, but its a start!

Nothing fancy, but its a start!


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