Winter 2016 has hit us, it has bought with it, it minus degree temperatures and icy mornings. I was never ever a fan of the cold when I was younger and although I am still one to be wrapped up warm, there is something lovely about coming in from the chill to somewhere warm and cosy, to a hot chocolate and a cheeky Christmas inspired cake.

Not only has it bought its nasty bitter temperatures , it also spells the start of the Christmas countdown. December means all things christmassy, from eating far to many mince pies, to making the final preparations before the big day.

Before children I used to hate Christmas, well the build up, the long slog till the big day, but now I love everything about it. I love getting the children excited, seeing their faces at meeting Santa, focusing on all things seasonal at school and getting them excited about it.

As a family we don’t do many of the newly added traditions, like Elf on The Shelf or Christmas Eve boxes. Its something that I just don’t feel the need to do, in fact I find it hard enough replacing teeth with money let alone trying to think of 24 different scene settings for Buddy! {we do have Christmas pyjamas on Christmas eve – who doesn’t?} We have our own traditions of walking to the garden centre to pick out a tree  a special Christmas Eve tea, Christmas jumpers and for me, buying a newly scented Christmas candle each year. That for us, is perfect, I am sure we will make many more simple traditions as a family.

This year, I am fully aware at how quickly Christmas is approaching. We have been so caught up with the house that we have only just started Christmas shopping and we are wishing and hoping that we will have the three rooms upstairs, carpeted and organised in some shape or form, but looking at the reality of it all I really don’t think that its going to happen.

For now though, I am not thinking about house stuff, I am on full blown countdown mode for the big day, both G and H are excited already and have sent off their lists to Santa. We are planning our annual trip to the garden centre next week to pick out a tree. Its all very exciting and for me, this really is the best time of year..







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