Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…

When I was little we just had the fake tree you popped up out the box. When the husband was little he was taken to the farm every year and chose his christmas tree.

This is a tradition that we as a family have carried on. The convenience of a fake tree is so simple but the joy of picking out your own is something else.

Saturday we went to the local garden centre and choice what would be this years christmas tree. I was really looking forward to it and hyped Moo and the little boy up to the point of excitement. Maybe I hyped them up a little too much!


When we arrived it was clear to see the children were slightly over excited. Running of this way and that way. We pulled out trees knowing it was going to be a difficult decision. Trying to rein in the children was proving to be difficult and this trip was not going to plan!

We eventually found one that we all loved and after much running around we were packed up in the car and ready to get home to decorate.







All my decorations I have collected over the years. Some were even the main feature for my table decorations at my wedding!


Moo made a special tree decoration this year at school, which will always play a huge part on our tree!

All afternoon we listened to christmas music whilst we placed the decorations on this newly bought christmas tree. At times it was stressful. Moo wanted to stick the baubles anywhere she fancied but there has to be some uniform to it.


5 hours later and the realisation that we did in fact have white tree lights (hence the pink tree), the decorations were on and we all snuggled down to watch the end of Harry Potter, with the twinkling christmas tree behind us.


I love the smell of a real tree and what with that and christmassy candles of a night, I really feel the christmas spirit now. I cannot wait till the 24th now!

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