My Favourite Christmas Experience..

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year, and since having children, my perspective of it has change dramatically. In my teens and early adulthood, I dreaded it, I hated the build up and it was something I did not look forward too, you could of got away with calling me scrooge! But how times have changed…

The first two years that Moo was here she didn’t have a clue, but the excitement was there, hanging the stocking up and decorating the lounge into a winter wonderland, placing mince pies on a plate for father christmas. Fast forward another 3 years and we have two very excited children about the prospect that Father Christmas is going to come down our chimney.

Christmas is when we get to spend time with all the family, not something we do on a regular basis anymore since we have expanded so dramatically. Most years we alternate between my family and my in-laws and both experiences are hugely different.

My most favourite christmas experience was back in 2008, its when my perspective of christmas changed, and it was all down to one little girl. My Moo. She was a mere 6 weeks old, but thats when our traditions started, and traditions that will continue for as long as I want them too.

One memory that sticks out always, since having children is that my in-laws have a summer house at the bottom of the garden, and as soon as autumn kicks in its out of bands, my father in-law begins collecting, collecting pine cones, twigs, logs, anything that will change the summer house into a winter wonderland, with a make believe fire, fake snow draping the sides, icicles hanging from every inch of the ceiling. You walk in a let out a wow in disbelief that something so normal can look so beautiful. Its amazing that the children believe this is santa’s grotto.

The last 7 years have been ones to remember, its when I really started to love christmas, but this year is going to be so very different, this year is the chance to make new memories that we will remember for years to come. This year, we moved from that tiny poky flat and bought a 3 bed house. This year we have so much to look forward too as a family. Both children are so aware of whats coming, and the excitement I see in both their faces, fills me with happiness and it makes me excited, excited to place that mince pie and milk by the fire place, to hang their stockings up on the fire place, and to buy the biggest tree we can find that will fit the perfect space in our lounge.

This post is my entry to Transun’s Your favourite Christmas experience competition,


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