In 78 days, we will be thrown into the magic of Christmas. My favourite time of year. Since having children, its become more magical than I could ever have imagined. Seeing the magic in G and H’s eyes, is just the best feeling. Its one I want to see for as long as I can. Thats where Lapland Mailroom come in. Ive always wanted to have letters sent to G and H but I have just never got round to doing it and when they contacted me and asked if I would be willing to review there site and letters I jumped at the chance.

I have to admit, I found the website so easy to use. It was really straight forward and I managed to have 2 letters in my basket within 15 minutes of logging on. I was expecting it to take quite a while. It was simple, easy and very quick to navigate.

The letter packages are really easy to distinguish. There are 3 packages to choose from. A letter only, a letter with an activity pack and a babies first christmas letter. For a limited time you also get a free nice child certificate which I think is a really lovely touch. Once you have chosen your choice of letter, you then get three templates to choose from. Three slightly different letter layouts which are perfect if you have more than one child. You get to read the letters, but I found this a little hard. The mouse curser turns into a magnify glass so you hover over the letter to make it larger, but I struggled to read it. Its the only part of the webpage I struggled with. But I do have bad eyes, so that played a factor.

Once you have chosen your letter, its here you personalise it. Its really easy and simple. You are given the option to add a “best friends” name which is a really nice idea and you are also able to add where you live, what your child would like for Christmas, and what was left out for Father Christmas last year. One thing I really liked was the choice that you could choose who the letter was from “Santa” or “Father Christmas” We call him Father Christmas – ┬áso it was nice to have the option. Its the little touches that I think work really well.

Once you have finished personalising the letter you are now able to able to order. Its that simple letters are normally dispatched within 3 days of ordering. They even have a really late order date which is guaranteed Christmas delivery. I cannot wait for G and H to receive theirs. I am so excited for them, and this will be an extra special surprise for them this year.

If you would like to order one of these lovely letters, I have a code for you to receive 20% of your order. Just type in “xmaspromo17” at the checkout!


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