It has taken me two whole weeks to finally accept we are in December and that in juts a few short weeks Christmas will be upon us. Normally I am all for Christmas and excited but the past few months have been so hectic and up in the air I actually wish we still had at least another month till the big day.

Last week I put a bit of a rant post up on Instagram. The weekend was fast approaching and we had agreed that it was the weekend to put up the decorations. I was in a flap as we still have wardrobes, doors, bedroom furniture, boxes and toys {shed loads of toys} in our lounge and I was in a bit of a tiz about where the actual tree would go. I hit breaking point, and after a cry and a pull yourself together talk with myself I was all prepared to get the tree.

The weekend was perfect, we found the perfect tree and the perfect spot for it to go. We had a mini sort out of boxes that were cluttering up the lounge and with a few decorations and lights it actually feels rather lovely in our lounge {still not as lovely as it would look if it was actually finished! – but this things take time}

We bought some new lights, Mr B wanted coloured ones, I wasn’t overly keen but I am so glad he went and did it as I like the tree with multi coloured lights. I also purchased a new Yankee Candle which is a must at Christmas and lots of little candles which makes the whole room feel so much more Christmassy.


Whilst Mr B decorated the front of the house G, H and I decorated the tree. I have some rather sentimental baubles {gold spiky ones} I enjoy getting out each year, mainly because I used them for my wedding table decorations 10 years ago and I just cant bear to not use them. I have to admit, I thought I was a bit of a tree snob when it came to decorating but I just left G and H too it. Certain baubles I put up but both G and H did a great job.




As I type this, with the twinkling of the lights and candles glowing. I can honestly say it really is beginning to look a lot like christmas




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