Happy 19th December {Blogmas}

With only 6 days till Christmas Eve, and so much more to do, I am quietly panicking!

Today, is Moo’s last day at school and H’s last day at play school, whilst they are out of the house, me and Mr B will be cramming in as much wrapping as possible! We are struggling as to where to put the wrapped presents. The flat had its perks when we lived there, a loft hatch in the main bedroom which was accessible when 2 little children were asleep. Now we have a loft hatch in the hall and with Moo and H’s bedroom door open there is no way we can get the presents down with either one noticing! Plus Mr B will no doubt wake them up with all the commotion!

We have a tiny room at the back of our lounge, with a door. We have had to cover it up with a blanket, add a lock and for the next 6 days that is where the wrapped presents will live. I am hoping they don’t go and grab a chair and let themselves in!

What do you do with your wrapped presents? Do you have a special hiding place? I always remember my mum used to hide them in the wardrobe or under the bed! {I was one of those children that went peaking!}

So until tomorrow I shall leave you with this…

Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer 
had a very shiny nose. 
And if you ever saw him, 
you would even say it glows.

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