Christmas Productions…

On Tuesday, I went to see Moo in her school production. This year she played the part of a choir member. She was slightly upset that she wasn’t actually on the stage but I told her she had a very important part, I mean, you have to have a lovely singing voice to get into the choir don’t you?

Moo has been practising so hard with her singing at every opportunity. I hear her singing when she is on the toilet {best place to practise if you ask me, no distractions!} Having a shower, and at bedtime, H I am sure was fed up with it all I am sure, he complained several times she was keeping him awake!

I managed to get front row seats, and although Moo was slightly shy and at first wasn’t giving it her all, she soon settled into it and belted out each and every song.. The whole class did exceptionally well and really worked really hard to pull the production together..

It was lovely to watch and I was so proud of Moo, even though it was a little part {I can’t complain, she was the star last year, which was kind of a big part!} She did good and its all about the taking part!


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