Christmas 2014… Part Two

Part One can be read here

We arrived at the in-laws about 2ish and the first thing I did after my mammoth cooking {disaster} was grab a drink! I drove so I was unable to have a tipple throughout the day, so it was nice to have a drink!

We were waiting for my sister in law to arrive so at first it was pretty chilled, relaxing, talking, laughing and drinking.. It was nice to spend time with everyone!

Once my sister in law arrived, drinks were topped up and the over excited children were able to open yet more presents!

Moo was so lucky this year, receiving yet more Frozen goodies in the shape of an Elsa and Anna singing doll collection, they were extremely hard to get hold of and we were lucky she got them! She was so impressed! She also received more Barbie, and some wonderful disney dolls that you can swap dress using a clip action.. they are a huge hit and she really does love them..

H received the best present he could get, a huge Lego train.. Every-time he saw the advert he constantly begged for father christmas to get it for him and when he opened it, he shrieked with delight and shouted as loud as he could, its what he wanted! He also received a toy gun and play-doh which he is obsessed with!

Once presents were exchanged it was time to eat more food and drink lots! We cracked open a board game my niece received and spent the late afternoon evening playing..

Before we knew it, it was time that everyone started to pack up and head home.. We had decided to stay overnight, so after blowing up the bed and getting two over excited kiddies to sleep, it was time to relax again! It had been such a long day, by the time I properly sunk down on the sofa, the tiredness kicked in!

H being unwell, made our night slightly disturbed.. The first few hours were pretty bad and I finally got to sleep just after half one and managed a four hour solid block before Moo rose!

A good hearty fry-up got me ready for boxing days events!

Part three coming soon!


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