Christmas 2014… Part Three

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Christmas day was a fun filled day, sharing it with the family. Both Moo and H were spoilt rotten and received some lovely bits. I received a new Superdry coat {which I received a tad early to cope with the school run!} and a new Cath Kidston bag and purse!

Boxing day was to be spent round my mums.. After a hearty breakfast of a fry-up at the in-laws, we left for our second christmas!

We arrived just after ten thirty and the kids we bouncing off the walls! My sister had arrived with us too.. The present giving could not be held off, so we exchanged and practically straight away.

Moo received an Anna coronation dress which she has been asking for for months! She also got some My Little Pony, books, art bits, onsie, and lots of chocolate!

H received some dinosaurs, a truck, books, play-doh, more Thomas tracks {which he was extremely chuffed about!} and a bucket full of chocolate!

Once opening up the toys so they could be played with, we started lunch {I say we, my mum did!} I can not cope with more than one christmas dinner so we tend to have a buffet style lunch which is always a big hit.. I did help after realising I had been sitting down most of the morning!

After lunch we played a game, answering questions about the 90’s and then about the 80’s.. Was good fun and the kiddies had a little go of pin the red nose on Rudolph!

Time went so quickly and before long I was flaking and it was time we left..

As soon as we got home, I was in my pj’s.. The lounge was still full of toys from christmas day and I literally flaked on the sofa.. The past 3 days have been full on.

It was such a good christmas, and the days since have ben spent playing with new toys, playing board games and generally vegging out on cheese and crackers {and the odd quality street!}

Mr B is now back to work and I am still in slob mode! Ive not left the house since boxing day and its been fab!

I hope you all have had a wonderful christmas and enjoyed it as much as we have!


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