Christmas 2014… Part One

I have not picked up my laptop top in over a week! Its felt pretty strange not getting the urge to open it up and spill the beans on the blog, but I think its been a much needed break and well deserved! I have thoroughly missed it and I am going to settle myself gently back into the new year!

This Christmas has been wonderful.. A relaxed time spent with family. Both Moo and H were so excited on christmas eve, they didn’t eat their dinner and wanted to go to bed as soon as it became dark!

We still had a few presents to wrap so as soon as were were done with leaving the mince pies, carrots and milk out we chased them both up the stairs and read them a new christmas eve book.. The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas {these books are becoming a firm favourite!}

I was just as excited about all the festivities and I struggled sleeping {sounds daft doesn’t it?!} Half past five arrived and a sleepy eyed little girl came crawling into bed asking if we could see if Father Christmas had been! As H had decided to make a nighttime visit into our bed, Mr B  had taken himself off to his bed, so with the instructions of “go and wake daddy” she was off in a flash!

We all tiptoed down stairs {making a detour past the kitchen to put the kettle on!} and excitedly opened the lounge door.. Shrieks of excitement and cries of “he’s been” were heard!

A mammouth session of opening up far to many presents and lots empty boxes later we were just about done with the presents! It was time to play!!

H received enough Thomas engines to last him a lifetime! If you don’t know by now, H is a huge Thomas fan and along with a new Trackmaster track he was impressed with his engine haul! He was more impressed that he received another Toby! On Monday, we left his original wooden Toby at the doctors and he was so upset, he cried for ages.. He then begged me that maybe santa could get him a new one, I completely forgot which trains Father Christmas had actually bought, but his face was a picture! A shiny new metal Toby lay in his lap!

Moo had such a different range of toys! She has asked for a singing all dancing baby for her birthday last month and we didn’t get it as I felt she was a little too old, but with some words of wisdom from family and a persistent little girl putting it on her list she finally received it.. She was so excited and its not left her since.. She loves the fact it poo’s! She also received some My Little Pony, Lego, Barbie and lots of other little bits..

Mr B wasn’t actually feeling 100% getting over a cold **cough cough** man flu! I give it too him, he has been pretty bad with it! Unfortunately he had lost all sense of taste, so dinner wasn’t entirely a huge hit! He was more annoyed he couldn’t taste anything and so with that not much food was eaten!

After dinner we packed up, made sure everything was clean {in the kitchen anyway!} and headed of to the in-laws!

Part Two of Christmas 2014 coming soon!



  1. December 30, 2014 / 9:11 am

    Sounds a lovely family Christmas- ours was much the same albeit hectic. I have also enjoyed switching off and not opening the laptop for a while. Looking forward to reading part two! 🙂

    • December 30, 2014 / 9:14 am

      Thanks Katie, it was so nice not to have social media playing all the time! Was a nice few days break with the family x

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