The world of interior décor is constantly changing at a breakneck speed. Year after year there are new trends that surface and take the world of interior décor by storm. The year 2018 has seen some insane changes in interior décor and home design. If you’re looking to upgrade and revamp your home by keeping up with trends, we have some tips and suggestions that might just work out for you. Incorporating these tips and suggestions in your home will give it a contemporary and fabulous vibe and will wave onlookers amazed. Here’s everything you need to know: 

Adding An Island In The Kitchen 

If you’re looking to revamp your kitchen space in a classy and modern way, try installing an island in the centre of your kitchen.Adding an island in the kitchen gives it character of the space.

An island table or countertop in the kitchen gives you more room to work on recipes that involve a lot of chopping and cutting and detailing. People who love to spend hours on end in the kitchen concocting new recipes will love the idea of installing a kitchen island. 

Black Is The New Black 

Another rising trend amongst homeowners and interior decorating firms is adding black to homes. A lot of people are now installing Matt black tiles in their kitchens or their bathrooms. Some people are even going one step forward and adding black paint to a single wall in their bedrooms. Wooden floorboards are also being died black before installation in new age homes. If you’re planning on adding a splash of black to your home, you can mix it up with white linen, white cabinets and other such items. 

Vibrant And Cheerful Kitchens 

The kitchens in most new age and contemporary homes are beginning to look like an artist’s canvas. White kitchen counters, beige and off-white walls and boring and colourless kitchen floorboards are a thing of the past. Interior decorators and architects are encouraging their customers and clients to go in for bright and cheerful colours for their walls. You can paint your walls light or pastel shades of green, blue, yellow, tan and other such fun and captivating colours. Adding colour to the kitchen can help give the area a very happy and bright feel. 

Installing Faux Plants Around The Home 

Most people today live hectic and stressful lives. Work hours have become never-ending, attending to children is a full-time task and so on. In all the chaos of everyday stress, most people don’t have the time or energy to grow real plants. However, the lack of green in a home can be extremely depressing and dull. To make it easy and hassle-free interior decorators are pushing their clients to install large artificial tree and plant options in their homes. You too can install a variety of faux plants and landscaping options in and around your home to give it that much-needed vibrancy. 

  • You can get tons of varieties of tree props for sale. The larger faux trees can be placed in the porch area, backyard, around the pool and so on. You can opt for some lovely faux birch tree options, palm trees, coconut trees and more. 
  • Smaller sized artificial plants like bonsai plants and ported ficus plants can be installed inside your home. You can place the miniature varieties of the plants on as centrepieces on the living room table. A lot of people opt for hanging plants and hanging flower baskets for their homes. These hanging baskets and plants give the home a very Mediterranean and outdoorsy vibe. 
  • If you want to add colour to your home, what better way of doing it than installing faux flowers all around the house. You can choose beautiful pink roses, white lilies, orchids and other such flowers and place them around your house in ceramic or crystal vases. The flowers can even be placed in the bathroom for a relaxing and calming vibe. 

Putting The Dining Table In The Kitchen Itself 

Not everyone is heavily into cooking. Some families aren’t interested in placing an island countertop in their kitchen. In place of the island countertop, a lot of families are now opting for placing their dining table in the kitchen. A nice wooden dining table with charmingly designed wooden chairs will add character to your kitchen. Another reason why people are opting for putting the dining table in the kitchen is that doing this frees up the living room space. A larger living room makes the house feel bigger for a family that is large in size. 

Adding Art To The Home 

A new trend that has become extremely popular this year is adding art to homes. If you’re looking to add character and colour to the walls of your home, what better way to do it than by canvas art?

You can get breathtaking canvases and install them in the living room, bedroom and kitchen. If you have a limited budget, opt for purchasing them from upcoming artists because they will be more affordable. If you like sculptures, you can buy beautiful marble sculptures or ceramic showpieces and even crystal showpieces for your home.

Redecorating homes in a vibrant, captivating and charming way has become a hot new trend amongst interior decorators, homeowners and architects. People love staying in homes that have a little extra oomph about them. Incorporating these hot trends in your home will make your home up to date with the latest trends.

Looking to give your home a contemporary and trendy makeover? Follow these  tips and suggestions to give your home that much-needed upgrade. People who have tried these suggestions have fallen in love with the results. Guests and visitors will be utterly impressed and charmed with the gorgeous makeover of your home!  


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