Why I Started Blogging?….

Way back in 2011 I loaded up WordPress and began typing away under the name 2kidsandMe. I was pretty open back then. Naming my children and not really bothering about what I wrote about.. It was private so no-one I knew, knew what I was up too {not even Mr B!} it wasn’t until one Sunday my brother in law said to me, “I found you on Twitter and saw your blog!” I  was embarrassed and slightly annoyed at my self for not covering my tracks a little better. I brushed the comment aside and I was told to keep at it, so I did. Mr B was now aware and he was a little wary of the children’s names being put up and full frontal face pictures, so I deleted the blog and started afresh under a new name of cherryblossomrain. I have no idea why that name but it stuck for about 12 months until I changed it to mummyheartsyou. I changed the children’s to a blog alias and now I just post pictures when i feel like it.
The reason I started blogging is probably like so many other bloggers out there. I was a stay at home mum and to pass the time in between play school drop offs and feeding an under one year old I typed away at the computer. I found it therapeutic blogging my experiences about parenthood and I found lots of lovely other bloggers that were there to help at the end of a tweet. The more I typed the more I enjoyed and secretly I was starting to love blogging. I was still private in who I told and it is to this day. Some people have found out and others I think choose to ignore it and get on with their own lives rather than pay interest in mine.
Some people look at bloggers and think, really? Why? But I can honestly say it has not only given me some wonderful opportunities but it documents everything the family and I get up too. milestones, struggles, worries, sadness and good  times.
I began to worry and feel ashamed that I blogged but actually I really don’t give two hoots what people think.. It’s something I like doing and it’s something I will carry on doing till I don’t want to continue any longer. It’s a hobby and a hobby I really enjoy, and one I don’t think I will be giving up anytime soon.
Blogging has opened up my eyes to a whole different network on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Bloglovin and I am always checking in with what others have got up to throughout the day and joining in with Twitter conversations. Its amazing what a little space on the internet can bring you.
So if your reading and you blog what made you start?

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  1. July 31, 2015 / 10:21 pm

    I started way back in 2003 before I’d met my husband and had my daughter and before blogging was cool. I started because I was lonely and bored and wanted a way to connect to people who liked the same things I did. Now I blog because I want to remember the little moments that would get lost in the mists of time otherwise. And because I want to connect with likeminded people. I have ‘met’ some truly amazing people through blogging. 🙂

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