When I started blogging, I wasn’t expecting it to be something I ever carried on with. I went into it half heartedly and even though I am not a prolific blogger I feel like I blog along nicely, so to speak. I’ve never blogged for the recognition and I certainly don’t earn money like others. The reason I blog is because I enjoy it. Its a space to document the ordinary.

A few weeks ago, I received an email asking if it would be ok for Mummy Hearts You to be added to a list of top family and parenting blogs for the website Best For Kids. Now I wasn’t expecting to even be contacted or even be noticed, but I replied and agreed. I sent of what they wanted and forgot all about it. A few weeks later another email popped in my mailbox and it was a link to the post. Again I still wasn’t expecting to be added to the list but I was, I was added and it was a Top 50 list of parenting blogs.

Along side Mummy hearts You were some of my favourite blogs. Ones I see as being really popular and ones that when you speak of on Twitter everyone knows. I still think that if someone mentioned me on twitter the reply would be, Who? Nope, never heard of that blog.

I was actually really taken aback that I was even added to this list. I see this blog as a little diary. I’m not fussed about readership and numbers and I am nowhere near as good as some of the popular ones. I don’t spend as much time on it as some bloggers spend on their blogs. I don’t put half as much effort in. Its the small mercies like this little list that makes me think, I can do it, people do read it and people do acknowledge it.

So here is to my little blog of mine, this little space that I document the ordinary and the simple things. This little corner that made a top 50! I may of treated myself to a hearty fry up at the cafe when I found out!If you want to see who else made the list, then pop along to Best For kids and check out the list in full here


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