Things That Make Me Happy…

Lately I have been reading lots of posts where bloggers have disclosed what makes them happy. I thought I would give it a go, and considering it was a list of 50 things I actually managed to think of quite a few!

I am supposed to tag bloggers but I will just let you decide if you want to join in!

  1. My husband… He puts up with a lot from me and he sticks by me. I found a good one there!
  2. Moo and H, obviously, but they push me to my limits sometimes!
  3. My garden, now I have one I am always out there.
  4. Summer days. I am wishing they would hurry up and return!
  5. Chips by the sea
  6. Vodka with a fat coke {it has to be a fat coke!}
  7. A McDonalds hash brown
  8. Instagram
  9. Fridays
  10. Crochet
  11. Bedtime
  12. Chicken Tikka Masala
  13. Apple products {bit vain, sorry!}
  14. School Holidays
  15. Long weekends
  16. Hot baths
  17. Christmas and seeing the magic light up in Moo and H’s faces
  18. A good nights sleep
  19. Watching the relationship grow between Moo and H
  20. Childfree dates with the Mr
  21. Lazy days
  22. BBQ’s
  23. Sunshine {Who doesn’t}
  24. Yankee Melts
  25. Moo reading, it amazes at how far she has come since starting school
  26. Hot chocolate {without the cream – yuk}
  27. The sound of the Mr’s van roaring up the driveway
  28. Photography
  29. Fresh Air
  30. Spring evenings
  31. The sound of rain
  32. Summer days with the family {especially Sundays}
  33. My Wednesday catch up with my big sister
  34. School pick up time
  35. Freshly cut grass
  36. Fresh linen
  37. A clean kitchen
  38. Tulips
  39. Watching the transformation of winter into spring
  40. Face-Time
  41. Weekend lay-ins
  42. The sound of laughter
  43. Cuddles
  44. Hot Sweet Tea
  45. The walk to pick up H from play school and the welcome hug I get
  46. My home, its taken us a while, but we finally got here
  47. Friends
  48. The Husbands summer shifts
  49. Happy children
  50. This blog.. I am amazed at how much its given me so far, which I am truly grateful for..

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