– Its Not Always The Answer I Expect It To Be –

I shouldn’t be ashamed of what I do, and I am not, but why is it I am embarrassed when I tell people. Sometimes I really do wonder what people think. For years now I have blogged under a hidden name and not told anyone, but now when I find myself telling people that I blog I expect a really negative reply.

Ive not really had that many people comment negatively about it and when people say “good on you” or “what you do in your own time is your business” It makes me feel a little silly inside. I am actually taken aback by some of the comments. They are nice, they are positive and they are  generally quite supportive.

I look at my blog and feel pretty damn proud. I started when I was home on maternity leave and I thought it would just be for a bit of fun, but within weeks I started to take it seriously and although I may not be consistent I always know that I have a space where I can just let of steam, talk about my worries as a parent and post about the best parts of being a parent.

Lately more and more people have been finding out I blog and although they still don’t know where I actually blog and the name, it really isn’t that hard to find if you put your mind to it. I get nervous at the thought of someone I know reading my blog, I mean take my mum for instance! My grammar isn’t all that and sometimes there may be the odd typo, but I honestly think that, that is just what you get with me. In “real” life I am pretty shy and I wouldn’t just go into a room and introduce myself, you would most likely find me standing right at the back, hidden behind my phone {could be classed as rude!} but I am really not good in social situations.

I should be proud to say “I blog” its given me quite a lot of opportunities and ideally I would love it to become full time and for me to freelance {she says} I should really shout about the fact that I blog and maybe that would happen, but I still have not got the confidence to shout out “I blog” 

I should listen to people and take note that most people actually don’t care what I do in my spare time. I should take note that what they say is a compliment and encouragement that what I am doing is actually good and if I enjoy it then why should it matter?

Its always the answer I least expect..



  1. August 17, 2015 / 10:09 pm

    I never told people I blogged either, then one of my recipes got onto the first page on google and people started finding me – bizarre feeling – like someone is reading your diary!! L x

    • August 17, 2015 / 10:11 pm

      Yes, totally that! Really strange, but in a good way.. Thanks for popping by x

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